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Aerial View of ZachowDuring 2006 the Zachow Historic Committee was formed to do a history of the village of Zachow. The genesis of the group was the realization that if the detailed history of the village was not documented and the so-called “heyday” focused on, no one would ever have the proper perspective of this small village and all the memories would disappear over time. Today this small village is primarily a bedroom commuter community with small glimpses of its former, more active days.

It is the mission and purpose of the Committee and its helpers to document the history of every business and residence in the village since the beginning. The main focus would be around 1906 when the railroad came through and the late 40’s and early 50’s during the peak of activity, although all periods will be documented. It is a very manageable project since the village only supported around 18 businesses and 22 residences at its peak. In many cases the businesses and residencesRadtke's Gas Station
were one and the same.

The project is being funded through donations to the Shawano Area Community Foundation to the newly established Zachow Historic Fund. Any contributions would be welcome and should be sent to the Shawano Area Community Foundation, P.O. Box 255, Shawano, WI 54166 and directed to the Zachow Historic Fund.

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